Theater and dance: “City Voices - Central Park”, Nov. 14, 2021

Theater and dance: “City Voices - Central Park”

Nov. 14, 2021 / PERFORMING ARTS

Theater and dance: “City Voices - Central Park”

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14 Nov 2021 — 16 Nov 2021
Timisoara, Sala 2

Both theater and dance join forces in order to create a language for the ones who are unable to speak for themselves. City Voices - Central Park is perhaps the most ambitious attempt to unite both of the arts as a means of communication, being one of the various projects dedicated to the invisible communities, as part of Timișoara European Capital of Culture.

The show continues the workshops initiated in 2019, which brought together actors and members of the hearing-impaired community.

City Voices - Central Park is a performance written, choreographed and directed by French-Hungarian author Pál Frenak, also known as Fren_Ak and hosted by the National Theater of Timisoara, which pioneers in showcasing these kinds of collaborations between the art world and hearing impaired community. Starting with 2019, the National Theater was home to a series of plays and performances of the like, culminating with City Voices - Central Park. The latter is a unique experience, key to unlocking mutual means of expressions - sound, for the hearing impaired, and sign-language for actors.

These stories generate powerful emotions and break barriers between words, body language and a sound-less universe. The play starred Alina Ilea, Flavia Giurgiu, Laura Avarvari, Daniela Bostan, Cătălin Ursu, Raul Lăzărescu, Marin Lupanciuc și Răzvan Ciocoi, with special guest Mario Grizea representing the deaf and hard of hearing community, chosen by Pál Frenak himself, and, last but not least, dancer Erika Vasas (Hungary), assistant to the director in choreography.

The author has dedicated years of his career to the exploration of the human body as an instrument of communication in a hearing-less world. His preoccupation with the topic has a lot to do with his personal history, growing up as a normal child with hearing impaired parents. Thus, the artist was constantly and consistently looking for a language and means of communication which became recurring in his art, trying to translate sounds through dance as an homage to his parents. Fren_Ak is one of the few artists around the world to master sign language as well as body language, refreshing this non-verbal communication as a leitmotif of his work.

Movement and dance in the absence of words becomes a means of expression and understanding, a non-spoken communication covered in pure emotion which we hope to be able to witness again in Timisoara in the future.

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