Cultural mediation program in collaboration with The Louvre Museum, Oct. 15, 2021

Cultural mediation program in collaboration with The Louvre Museum


Cultural mediation program in collaboration with The Louvre Museum

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15 Oct 2021 — 29 Oct 2021
Timișoara, online, on-site

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The projects developed in partnership with Timisoara European Capital of Culture 2023 (within Power Station) represent the attempts of cultural operators to develop brand new audience categories. The cultural mediation project is a collaboration between Interart Triade Foundation and the Timisoara 2021 Association - European Capital of Culture, in partnership with the Louvre Museum and in collaboration with the National Museum of Art Timisoara and the French Institute in Timisoara. Several artists, cultural mediators, teachers and members of various cultural associations participated in training sessions dedicated to playful mediation techniques.

The events were hosted by Louvre-official Françoise Feger, who has been working in the institution since 1992, being responsible for programming at the Educational Pole of the Accessibility Service for the democratization of education thereof.

She creates practices for audiences who are new to cultural protocols, specializing in cultural mediation policies for children, among others. This year, Françoise Feger was invited to coordinate mediation projects in Timisoara, to help create new competencies, techniques and devices which help promote the local cultural heritage, especially in the context of Timisoara as a cultural capital.

The first of two trainings took place online on the 15th of October and approached the subject of attracting new audiences through techniques developed and previously applied by the Louvre Museum.

The second session involved “Methods, techniques and tools for expanding the audience” and took place between the 28th and 29th of October. This session implied guided attendance in art galleries such as Jecza, Sigma and the portrait collection of Timisoara’s National Museum of Art. Visits of the private and public collections were guided by hosts Mihaela Tilinca, Maria Oroșan-Telea și Alin Rotariu and coordinated by Françoise Feger.

The numerous objectives of these actions include the acknowledgement of a fundamental cultural basis concerning European methods of engagement with the audience in terms of cultural heritage, as well as the city which hosts said heritage, using playful ways. With these sessions as starting points, this project aims to evolve long-term into permanent cultural mediation activities, connected to the collections in the Jecza-museum, the Sigma collection and Ormos collection of portraits belonging to the National Museum of Art Timisoara. The participants are meant to create concepts for the following sessions as well as implement the tools in the years to come, in order to make them permanent.

In February 2023, they will once more meet with Françoise Feger to review the work and mediation tools dedicated to each collection, and convert them into grant applications which will keep Timisoara a regular among cultural mediation programs as part of the European Capital of Culture heritage.

By attracting experts in five different fields (material heritage, contemporary art, development, cultural education and cultural communication), the project aims to form a group of mediators and teachers who remain actively involved on the long run and who are able to establish further strategies and mediation projects in 2023, a very important year in the history of Timisoara. Last, but not least, the mediators are looking to facilitate the understanding of the collections and to provide professionals who maintain the relationship between the collections and the communities less familiar with art.

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