Maria Theresia Bastion is part of the old Timișoara Fortress. Built between 1730-1735, originally called the Ravelinul Depozitului de Proviant, the Bastion Maria Theresia earned this name around 1744-1745, as a tribute to the queen.

In 1716, after the Habsburg conquest of Timișoara, the Timișoara Fortress was entirely rebuilt in the Vauban style between 1723-1765, increasing its area tenfold. Three star-shaped belts surrounded the interior of the fortress, and access was through three gates: Vienna, Petrovaradin and Transylvania.

As part of the project entitled "Rehabilitation and revitalisation of the Timișoara Fortress, the Theresia Bastion was refurbished and reopened to the public in 2010. The Bastion's courtyard is also used as a passageway, and it also hosts commercial spaces, restaurants, bars, a club and an events hall, making it a suitable place for events and small open-air festivals.


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