In : v z b l 2023

The in:vzbl Festival arose from the necessity to bring together artists from various fields who can come into direct contact with different categories of the public. This meeting aims to expose all (artists and the public) to varying perspectives on reality, in the desire to initiate a dialogue through which what is sometimes "invisible" in society can become visible through art.

The events will take place in a neighbourhood of Timişoara that has become likened to a "periphery" from every angle.

The festival, which had its first edition in 2019 and was successful among the public and in artistic circles, responds to the need for access to culture for the Fabric neighbourhood and beyond population. In addition, in:vzbl also responds to the need for expression of the independent cultural sector of performing arts that needs support for production and access to new audiences.

In 2022, we offered cultural operators and international artists the opportunity to participate in the festival through a series of open calls. The festival’s third edition included 8 international shows, 5 national shows, 5 shows by the Basca Theater, 2 international and one national artist residencies, a feature film and 4 short films.

For the year of the European Capital of Culture, we plan to produce a new show for the opening of the cultural program in 2023, co-produce the Cargo Timișoara show with Rimini Protokoll, and continue the series of open calls and invited shows for the in:vzbl Festival.