Uncensored Act

The Uncensored Act program is designed and organized by the Institutul Prezentului in collaboration with local partners from Timișoara, a series of regional partners from Serbia and Hungary, as well as European partners. The project takes place between December 27, 2022 – December 4, 2023, in Timișoara and in all the residence locations of the artists and teams involved in the project, as well as in Bucharest and Lisbon.

Uncensored Act aims to recover through its activities the idea of community and solidarity, action and collective reflection, development and exchange of resources, collaboration and solidarity in the spirit of shared values, proposing a course triggered by the history of Timisoara in the context of 1989 and connected regionally and internationally through the submitted artistic content.

The main event of 2023, the Performing 89 exhibition, offers a perspective on the public engagement of the artist at the turn of the 1990s in the Romanian space compared to the regional, Serbian and Hungarian ones. The particular way the artists managed this commitment, exploring the various issues born of the political and collective developments of the time, of how the public space was re-assumed, re-appropriated and re-occupied.

The artistic research program aims to provide and expand how historical content from the recent past can be accessed and transferred in varied forms to be experienced by diverse age groups. Uncensored Act will leave behind products, practices and experiences that will be continued in the local community where they were developed in Timisoara.