For us, the European Capital of Culture is a contious process, not just an event. The Timișoara 2023 Cultural Program is built around the people, the places where they live and meet, and how they connect with each other, with their surroundings, and the continent they are on.

In any case, Timișoara cannot do this alone. The help of our European partners, as well as our local, regional, or national partners, with their expertise and transformative power, is crucial to us. Sharing experiences and creative collaboration are essential parts of this process.

Main Contact

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Head Office:

bv. Regele Ferdinand I, nr. 2,

parter, SAD nr. 6 și 7

Work point:

Timișoara - Cetate

Str. Vasile Alecsandri, nr. 1,

SAD7, et. 2, 300078