In 2 weeks, the exceptional year for Timișoara - the year of the European Capital of Culture ends. In 2023, the cultural program assumed the mission of actively contributing to the valorization of Timisoara's identity, diversity, creativity and cultural vanguard as engines for sustainable community development.

For us, the European Capital of Culture represented a whole process, not just an event, and what Timisoara 2023 brought can be found on the website:

We are happy to celebrate together this unrepeatable, long-awaited year, the one in which Timișoara was the European Capital of Culture, in a welcome opportunity to collectively reflect on this unique path for Romanian culture and society and to understand its transformative potential for years to come.

* Please include two links of materials published in your own name about the cultural projects carried out in Timișoara in 2023.

We encourage the presence of all content creators but, given that the number of credentials is limited, we cannot guarantee accreditation to all who apply Validated credentials will be confirmed by e-mail within 3 - 5 working days of receiving the completed form.

*Attention - some events have limited seating capacity - the accredited press will have access to the locations but we cannot guarantee seats for all those who wish to attend.

For more details please contact us at [email protected].


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