Theatre performance “1978” is about Romania in the 70s, a trans-generational documentary fiction based on actors’ and director’s personal stories. It is a story about communist times, which grows out of a Romanian apartment, a story related to many local and global events that connect the regions of Timisoara and Nova Gorica (Slovenia) - on the border with Italy - cities that were both part of the same country once upon a time: the Austro-Hungarian empire. More then hundred years ago dozens of thousands of Hungarian soldiers fought at Isonzo front.

“1978” is part of theatre dodecalogy (twelve performances) Destin(y)ation, that involve(s) theatres from several countries for the European Capital of Culture 2025 in Janežič’s home city Nova Gorica/Gorizia (Slovenia/Italy) and addresses topics of the transgenerationality, border, socio-political-ideological changes, war, etc. ”1978” was nominated by the Romanian Theatre Union for Best Theatre Performance and Best Set Design in 2023.


Director: Tomi Janežič

Set design: Branko Hojnik

Costume design: Marina Sremac

Choreography: Döbrei Dénes

Music and sound design: Samo Kutin, Eduardo Raon

Video: Carlo Zoratti

Light design: Tomi Janežič, Branko Hojnik

Director's assistant: Žiga Hren, Nina Rajić Kranjac

Stage manager: Bálint Előd

Cast: Balázs Attila, Borbély B. Emília, Czüvek Loránd, Jancsó Előd, Kiss Attila, Lajter Márkó Ernesztó, Mátyás Zsolt Imre, Munteanu Paula, Simó Emese, Szőllősi Eszter, Vajda Boróka


Running time: 4 h 30 min (2 intermissions)

Performed in Hungarian, with English and Romanian translation

Tickets with transport included

ⓘ The theatre provides bus transport for spectators. On the 19th of May spectators who purchased tickets which include transport are expected at 17,20 to come at the bus stop near the Military Hospital/Spitalul Militar (700 Market). The theatre will provide bus transfer to the location of the performance (the former Hydrotechnics Faculty, 32 Aleea Ghirodei).

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TESZT 2024

TESZT 2024