The cruise on the Pelican boat to the Sânmihaiu Român lock brings us together, in a kind of guided tour, with Spoken Words by Alex Higyed (Comuna 30) and the readers of aquatic territories from Ecluze pe Bega - arh. Bogdan Demetrescu & Alexandrina Ciortuz.

In our journey to the lock, we listen to hidden stories about places and events from Timisoara and spoken word interventions with poet and performer Alex Higyed, starting from speculative situations in the urban and natural landscape, local history, or fiction.

At the Sânmihaiu Român lock, we take a break and relax with a delicious picnic prepared by Delikat Essen

On our way back, the boat vibrates with the force of the engines from the Water Plant, through an immersive sound composition that will transport you to the heart of Europe's oldest hydropower plant, performed by Jacob Kirkegaard and created especially for this occasion. In operation since 1910, the old hydroelectric plant in Timisoara generates electricity from the Bega River and is considered a notable example of industrial architecture from the 1900s. Using sensor recordings of the plant's essential mechanical structure and live underwater recordings from the powerful Bega river, Kirkegaard has crafted a hypnotic soundscape that captures the interplay between man-made technology and the natural world.

Limited seats. Participation is based on registration.

Physical route, sound, and duration.


  • The boarding point is at D'arc on the riverbank.
  • Guided tour by architect Bogdan Demetrescu (Ecluze pe Bega) with spoken word interventions by Alexandru Higyed (Comuna 30).

AT THE LOCK ∼ 30-45 mins.

  • We enjoy a picnic prepared by Delikat Essen

THE RETURN ∼ 1.30 h

  • Sound performance by Jakob Kirkegaard (40 min.)
  • The disembarking point is at D'arc on the riverbank
A project developed by, and is part of the National Cultural Program "Timișoara - European Capital of Culture in 2023" funded by Timișoara's Municipality through the Projects Center and the Center for Culture and Art of Timiș County fom public funds allocated by the Ministry of Culture.

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