Abby Lee Tee & Andreea Săsăran - SYNTOPIA:BEGA

The audiovisual essay focuses on the flora and fauna and its interaction with human activities within the widely ramified river and canal system Bega. A wide variety of habitats can be found if you look and listen closely – innumerous frogs croaking, moorhens, ducks and herons roaming the reed belt and rattling bridges stretching over fishermen and - women’s spots.

Mix & mastering by Christian ‘GC’ Ghahremanian

A project supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum Bucharest, through the #newtogether programme

Project partners Asociația SimultanACIASemi SilentTimișoara verde-albastră


Abby Lee Tee is an Austrian musician, sound designer & field recordist. His fascination for the divisions and crossovers between noise and music, as well as nature and culture, can be seen in his work with installations, sound-walks, sound design for theater and audiovisual projects, as well as records on labels such as Shash, Czaszka, Never Anything, Vertical Music, Falt, Tsss Tapes, Dinzu Artefacts and Accidental.

Andreea Săsăran has worked at the intersection between creation and cultural organization. As a visual artist, she expresses her questions and researches through photography and video, tools which most of the time are complemented within artistic collaborations in multidisciplinary fields of interventions. As freelance culture worker, she contributes to visual arts, performative arts, art in public spaces and art projects in natural landscapes. Her multifaceted professional journeys are a mere reflection of enthusiasm and devotion for arts, nature and social tales.

Having a fruitful history of collaboration while both being based in Linz, Austria (leading to the music video “melting sphere” winning the “Crossing Europe” film festival audience award and to the production of “The Future Sound” events in STWST, for example), Abby Lee Tee and Andreea Săsăran combined the fields of field recording and site-specific sound art with visual art and landscape documentary.

A project developed by, and is part of the National Cultural Program "Timișoara - European Capital of Culture in 2023" funded by Timișoara's Municipality through the Projects Center and the Center for Culture and Art of Timiș County fom public funds allocated by the Ministry of Culture.

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