Arttech Exhibition: „Iona - A visual journey into the world of Marin Sorescu" – Sami Bogdan

You are invited to join a unique and exciting experience in the world of the intersection of art, literature, and technology. The arttech NFT exhibition Iona, is a celebration of the classic work of Romanian playwright Marin Sorescu, reinterpreted and brought into the digital age through artificial intelligence by digital artist Sami Bogdan - IKLOOT.

Each work is a deep and personal exploration of the human condition, with the character Iona becoming a symbol of our entire existence. As you explore these works, you will be transported into the complex world of Iona, where human emotions, struggles and hopes are brought to life in vibrant colors and captivating shapes. The exhibition combines past and future in a provocative artistic dialogue, giving you the opportunity to connect with Marin Sorescu's work in an innovative and fascinating way.

We welcome you to join us on this extraordinary artistic journey. Iona - A visual journey into the world of Marin Sorescu is more than an exhibition - it is an invitation to an inner journey, an exploration of the human condition and a celebration of creativity in the digital age.

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