aste as Heritage: Horseradish, the Banat mustard, and the golden apples

On Saturday, February 18, we invite you to a gastronomic gathering centered on a few seasonal ingredients: horseradish, Banat mustard, and golden apple (quince).

Our guest is Ioan Bebeșelea (SyndicatGourmet), a Slow Food chef passionate about gastronomy, building strong relationships with small food producers and promoting local and seasonal ingredients.

Moderator: Tiberiu Cazacioc, Slow Food activist, blogger (Observatorul Gastronomic), quality schemes specialist.

The event is organized within the LA PAS / Slowing down program, part of the Timișoara - European Capital of Culture 2023 program. Funded by Timișoara City through the Center for Projects.

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Slowing down

Slowing down