BLOT – Body Line of Thought, production CNDB

BLOT explores movement in relation to the bacteria in our body. The show presents the body as an interconnected system, strong and fragile at the same time. Designed as a hybrid performance, a mix of conference and choreographic show, BLOT talks about similarities between humans and other animals, such as perspiration, smell, reproduction, physical exercise, and immunity. From micro to macro, the performance addresses how bacteria influence these processes and connect us with the planet.

concept and choreography: Simona Deaconescu, Vanessa Goodman

performers: Simona Dabija, Maria Luiza Dimulescu

artistic consultants: Olivia Nițiș, Marta de Menezes

music: Monocube

object design: Ciprian Ciuclea, Paula Viitanen, Juan Carlos Aldazosa Bazua

light design: Marius Costache, Alexandros Raptis, James Proudfoot

assistant choreographer: Georgeta Corca production: Laura Trocan, Andreea Andrei

graphic design: PRETTY/UGLY DESIGN 

produced by TANGAJ COLLECTIVE, ACTION AT A DISTANCE, The National Center for Dance Bucharest | co-financed by THE ADMINISTRATION OF THE NATIONAL CULTURAL FUND ROMANIA, CANADA COUNCIL FOR THE ART | supported by Cultivamos Cultura, in the frame of Biofriction | presented by Left of Main, Plastic Orchid Factory

This project is part of the national cultural programme "Timișoara – European Capital of Culture in the year 2023" and is funded by the City of Timișoara, through the Center for Projects.

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