Designer(s). (Re)designing the world - design exhibition

You can visit the exhibition free of charge, without a ticket.

 This year at HEI you will be able to see several exhibitions

of artists from other European countries.

In this year's first exhibition you will see

things made by 12 of Spain's best artists.

The exhibition is called "Designer(s). (Re)designing the world".

Everything you will see in the exhibition has been created by women.

You will see objects made of metal, cloth or wood.

Other things you will see are photographs of various design objects from the portfolio of the artists selected for the exhibition.

To make these objects,

the artists used older, traditional techniques, or new techniques,

such as the computer and the 3D printer.

For example: a lamp, a coffee table, baskets, jewellery, maps, illustrations, videos.

Even if you have never visited a design exhibition before, we look forward to seeing you. In the exhibition you will be able to touch some of the objects.

Everyone is welcome at HEI. Here you can wave your hands, speak up, touch objects or ask lots of questions.

The exhibition is organised by the Cervantes Institute in collaboration with the FIDO (Feminism in Design Office) platform.

All activities at HEI - House of European Institutes are coordinated

by people working in different places. 


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HEI - House of European Institutes

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