Digital Explorers: Workshops on Creating Digital Games About Timișoara

The digital development workshops for children will continue with activities that combine Timisoara’s history with the use of technology. These workshops on creating digital games using open-source technologies are carried out by the Educational Association Jocopedia, a partner in the "Tales of Timișoara" project. Through such activities we practice and promote interactive and fun learning. Children will acquire valuable technical skills, but also will explore fascinating chapters of Timisoara's history, turning them into thrilling digital adventures. This innovative approach stimulates their curiosity and creativity, encouraging them to become active creators of content, not just passive consumers.

From scenarios that bring historical buildings or characters to life, to quests that reveal the city's secrets, each digital game developed in the workshops is an educational journey in itself. In addition to programming and graphic design skills, participants will also learn about the importance of teamwork, project management, and how to present ideas clearly and convincingly.

Thus, digital development workshops become fertile ground for developing a new generation of digital explorers, equipped to bring history to life through the lens of modern technology. Through games, children get to discover as much as possible of their city's history in a constructive way, becoming creators of technology. In the end, our goal is for every child to leave the workshops not only with a created game, but also with a deeper connection to Timișoara and its history.

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Stories of Timișoara