Digital Stories - Digital Development Workshops #2

Digital development workshops for students continue with activities that combine history with the use of technology. Students will use technology to create digital games that reflect the culture and history of Timisoara. Techniques such as 3D modeling and programming in CoSpaces will be used to develop immersive scenes that enhance knowledge of local heritage. Focused on the use of virtual reality software, these workshops will help students create virtual city tours and interactive scenarios based on Timisoara's historical buildings and places. These workshops allow participants to develop advanced digital skills and better understand historical context through interactive and engaging means.

The activity is carried out under the guidance of specialists from the UPT Multimedia Center and with the gamification support of the Jocopedia Educational Association.

Through the "Digital Stories" component, this project opens new horizons for children and teenagers in Timișoara, combining cultural education with cutting-edge technology to create a deep and memorable learning experience.

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Stories of Timișoara

Stories of Timișoara