Exhibition: Pericles - a journey | TESZT 2024

Art exhibition by Mátyás Zsolt (RO)

“Being interdisciplinary is a must these days. We are looking for those people who can combine, metamorphose different fields and aesthetics into a unified whole. The difficult part is not to illustrate various artistic manifestations, but for such artistic manifestations to have substance. Mátyás Zsolt makes it happen. He is an actor who found "salvation" during the pandemic period through drawing. If experience in acting speaks for itself, the works are completed with the emotion of drama in a unified whole. Drawn during rehearsals on the pages of the script and poetically incorporating the script wording, his drawings illustrate with great expressiveness the emotions and experiences of each act, the experiences of each moment in the middle of theatrical expression. The vivid colours, the strong lines, the abstraction, they all make you feel Zsolt’s trance while acting. That same transcendental creative energy guides him to succeed in expressing emotion both physically and graphically with equal power and honesty. Simply put, Mátyás Zsolt is an Artist.” (Dani Gagiu, curator)


The opening will take place before the performance of the host theater, "Pericles", a source of inspiration for the plastic artist.

Opening speech by curator Dani Gagiu

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