Feminine Journeys: Exhibition of Illustration, Photography and Slides

If we were to look at the struggle for women's emancipation as a journey, the route of this journey would be one without destination, without end.

It is not much more than 100 years since women began to have rights, and lack of representation is a discussion confined to a small forum. Prejudice, violence, lack of role models and invisible labour make the situation of women a sensitive subject even today. 

As a tribute to the women of the past who made it possible to reach a place where women have the right to education, work, health, and to remember the legacy left to those of today and tomorrow, we have selected for HEI - House of European Institutes three collections of stories that present different portraits and visions of women of yesterday and today. With examples from Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, France and Ukraine, women are placed in the past, but also in the future by recalling their courageous deeds in the 20th century: they were brave, skilful, ingenious, hard-working and they fought against stereotypes every day, showing how important passion is in their lives.

The project is part of the National Cultural Programme "Timisoara - European Capital of Culture in 2023" and is funded by the European Echoes programme, run by the Timisoara City Council Project Centre, with funds allocated from the state budget, through the Ministry of Culture budget. It is organized in partnership with the Municipality of Timișoara through the Project Centre.

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HEI - House of European Institutes

HEI - House of European Institutes