God, home, kitchen – or an attempt for a U-turn in the middle of the highway

It all started when I opened the internet on a quiet evening. I read that "in Hungarian life, the family is organised around the woman, so sooner or later everyone ends up in the kitchen when one’s mother prepares dinner, and I think that's the case with everyone, not just in our home, or one’s wife". I screamed and threw myself on the kitchen floor, but first I thoroughly rinsed the noodleslicer*. My ex-boyfriend loves Hungarian cuisine. According to Katalin Novák, president of Hungary I shouldn't believe that I don't have a free choice. So I checked where I'm not free. To see where thy should be done.

* The unmarked subject subordinate compound is always written as one word.

Mikolt Tózsa (HU)  
Created by Mikolt Tózsa


Performed in Hungarian, with Romanian and English surtitles

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