HRANA - Food concept by Alina Săftulescu | TAIFAS

HRANA - Food Concept by Alina Săftulescu
Balkan Gastro-Cultural Event
Music Concept by Radio Kibuț
Tasting of Balkan dishes accompanied by fine beverages


Awarded by Gault&Millau, having served the King of England, and us at La Căpițe, Musiu, or Kibuț, Alina Săftulescu descends from the mountains with a bag full of delicacies, from her own pantry or gathered from small local producers and farmers. She comes to Taifas to celebrate Balkan gastronomy as a common cultural heritage.

Alina Săftulescu is the Creative Director @Kibuț/Gărâna.

A graduate of the Faculty of Industrial Chemistry and the Faculty of Arts and Design in Timișoara, Alina Săftulescu permanently left Timișoara, her birthplace, to live peacefully in the mountains, in Gărâna, alongside her husband. She left behind several projects in her hometown (The Note, River Deck, La Căpițe, Musiu), as well as cultural events (Joie de Vivre Festival, exhibitions, concerts, curatorship projects) to open a gastronomic and cultural hub, Kibuț, in Gărâna, where she fulfills and intertwines her two great passions: art and gastronomy.

HRANA - Balkan Gastro-Cultural Event is a part of the Balkan Film and Culture Festival – TAIFAS.

CinEd- European cinema education for youth - Co-funded by The Creative Europe / Media programme of the European Commission

The project is part of the National Cultural Program 'Timișoara - European Capital of Culture in 2023' and is funded through the European Echoes program, implemented by the Centre of Projects of Timișoara Municipality, with allocations from the state budget, through the budget of the Ministry of Culture.

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TAIFAS I Balkan Film and Culture Festival

TAIFAS I Balkan Film and Culture Festival