Hundred Toasts | TESZT 2024

The performance “Hundred Toasts” is a celebration. We toast remarkable people, events or natural phenomena that have had a significant impact on people and history. To some we will say “thank you”, to others “fuck you”, in both cases it will be a great pleasure. At the same time, we will toast to all of us. To those who still believe in the future and to those who have long since given up on politics, art, philosophy and religion. To all those who are with us and against us. To all those who are in front of us and behind us. To all those on the left and right and those stuck in the middle. To all those who will always praise us and to those who can no longer stand us. We will also raise a toast to those who brought us together. We will toast the existing artists, the deceased artists and all those who want to become artists. We toast the audience that patiently endures our artistic experiments and all the guardians of normality who turn away with contempt. Cheers Timișoara! Cheers TESZT!


Author / Performing artist: Anita Wach

Conceived and devised by Anita Wach and Bojan Jablanovec

Concept and direction: Bojan Jablanovec

Music: Glenn Miller, Michael Nyman, The Stooges, Giuseppe Verdi, Alfred Schnittke

Producer: Špela Trošt

Production of Via Negativa with the support of the City of Ljubljana

Co-production: Maat Festival Lublin, Ja Ja Ja Ne Ne Ne Association Warsaw


Trigger warning: nudity

Running time: 50 min (no intermission)

Performed in Slovenian, with English, Romanian and Hungarian translation

Part of

TESZT 2024

TESZT 2024