"There is something that is constantly happening. Everything we see conceals something else, and we desire to see beyond what is visible. This interest can take the form of a rather intense experience, akin to inner conflict, some would say, between the visible that is hidden and the visible that is present." Rene Magritte

In an aesthetic universe inspired by the surrealist world of painter Rene Magritte, our story speaks about the social status of the contemporary individual caught between the social mask and the reality of personal life, between the courage of maturation and its absence. It's a treatise on inner division, an oscillation between social pressure and the intimate universe. I Am That Clown is a nonverbal performance in which the characters are marionnettes.

Rehearsal Teaser: https://youtube.com/shorts/BmXuwR8knIc

Dramaturgy: András Hatházi
Direction & Musical Illustration: Kisó Kata Palocsay
Cast: Andreea Roxana Bolovan
Music Composition: Péter Visky
Special thanks for puppet & set design: Rebeka Hatházi, Florin Marin & Elena Ilash, Bogdan Motoșcă
Music & Light Design: Dragoș Lupău
Co-Production: Magic Puppet Theater
Partners: Merlin Theater for Youngsters, Timisoara

This artistic creation was produced with the support of an Energie! Creative Grant awarded by the Municipality of Timișoara, through the Center for Projects, within the Power Station component of the National Cultural Programme "Timișoara – European Capital of Culture in the year 2023".
The material does not necessarily represent the position of the Center for Projects and the latter is not responsible for its content or how it may be used.

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