Ilinca Stihi - SAILS

The first Romanian sound performance recorded and edited for an immersive experience, Sails is an audio drama based on an original script built like a transversal journey through the history of mankind. We swirl in a spiral of a biological and historical time that contains landmarks from the past, but also from the future as our imagination can embrace it.

Written and directed by Ilinca Stihi

Sound design Vlad Ioachimescu


Ilinca Stihi, a graduate of UNATC's Film Directing Department, is a director at the National Radio Theatre of Radio Romania. Her author productions in the field of sound performance have won an impressive number of international awards at prestigious festivals such as the New York Radio Festival, Premios Ondas (Barcelona), Prix Marulic (Croatia), Prix ExAequo (Bratislava), Grand Prix Nova (Romania), Prix Italia, and UNITER. Recognized for her experimental style in creating performances, Ilinca Stihi is one of the founding members of the international radio theater festival Grand Prix Nova, and she initiates workshops and masterclasses both in Romania and abroad. She is also a member of numerous juries at international festivals in this field. By combining film directing and sound performance, she has proposed innovative multimedia productions to theater audiences both in Romania and abroad. Starting from 2023, she holds a Ph.D. in Cinematography and Media, with a thesis on the syncretism of new artistic worlds proposed through cutting-edge technologies.

A project developed by and is part of the National Cultural Program "Timișoara - European Capital of Culture in 2023", funded by the Timișoara Municipality through the Projects Center.

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