Ilustrad/as. A look at female creation in contemporary Spanish illustration

"ILLUSTRAD/AS. A LOOK AT WOMEN'S CREATION IN CONTEMPORARY SPANISH ILLUSTRATION", to be presented in august as part of Timișoara 2023, a cultural project proposed by HEI-House of European Institutes and carried out by the Cervantes Institute in Bucharest, in partnership with the Spanish Embassy in Romania.

Opening: Wednesday 16 August, 18:00-21:00

The Timisoara public has the opportunity to see a unique exhibition dedicated to book illustration: "Ilustrad/as. A look at female creation in contemporary Spanish illustration", which brings together 12 internationally renowned artists from Spain and Chile and will be hosted from 16 August at HEI- House of European Institutes.

Curator Matilde Rodríguez has chosen the most free, creative and personal works of the selected illustrators and exhibits art objects in different formats and techniques: silkscreen, collage, ceramics, animation, risography, digital drawing or sculpture.

The exhibiting artists are Bea Lema, Helena Pérez García, Iria do Castelo, Iria Fafián, Lara Lars, Luisa Rivera, Malota, María Hesse, Nuria Figueiredo, Pelo di Cane, Sara Landeta, Sonia Pulido. 

"Curator Matilde Rodríguez mediates, through this exhibition, the approach of twelve creative planets that make up an interconnected universe as is each of the works of these artists, each of them with its own artistic personality, but all living in that network of which the ecocritic Timothy Morton speaks. A network they traverse by observing nature, learning from the most traditional crafts (from drawing to ceramics) and investigating the most obscure aspects of identity, drawing on classic literature or the cultural memory of entire generations to understand the world in a new way, creating an intimate folklore that celebrates the lights of the soul and the darkness of the heart," says Luis García Montero, director of the Cervantes Institute in Madrid.

The project is part of the National Cultural Programme "Timisoara - European Capital of Culture in 2023" and is funded by the European Echoes programme, run by the Timisoara City Council Project Centre, with funds allocated from the state budget, through the Ministry of Culture budget. It is organized in partnership with the Municipality of Timișoara through the Project Centre.

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HEI - House of European Institutes

HEI - House of European Institutes