For three days, October 13-15 2023, we will prepare a space for a variety of "slowing down" experiences and a program that offers multiple perspectives on the connections between food, culture and sustainable consumption. We aim to inspire the local community and be animated by all the experiences and actions that allow us to slow down the pace of consuming our resources and the resources of the planet.

During this period the Miklosi Museum will host artisans, producers of "clean, good, and ethical" food, and a comprehensive program for young and old alike, including tastings, debates, presentations, concerts, dialogues and workshops. Local artisanal beer, reinterpretations of traditional food recipes, vegetarian and vegan menus prepared with local and international specialties, artisanal cider, cold-pressed juices, jams, zacusca (traditional Romanian spread), cakes, artisanal bread, dairy products, and specialty cheeses - all of these are part of the gastronomic offer of this year's edition.

The LA PAS Festival offers a careful selection of "good, clean, and ethical" food, in line with the principles of the Slow Food movement, while also inviting contemplation on the importance of reducing food waste and practicing moderation in a world marked by crises and hunger.

Through our exposure to direct experiences, we can generate processes of reflection on how we prepare our food, with reference to the intangible heritage of cooking practices. We are open to new hardships, we question our habits and opt for sustainable ones:

  • We have invited chefs who use local ingredients and aim to source raw materials from small producers.

  • We cook from "saved" food and openly present the entire process to encourage you to make the most of the food you have available in your kitchen.

We celebrate and promote responsible production and consumption - local production that respects high environmental and social standards. This year, we propose a range of LA PAS artisanal products, manufactured by local producers and artisans.

We offer the possibility of free expression of the most varied innovative cultural opinions and experiences, surpassing limiting conservative tendencies, as a transformative process we are undergoing together.

The event program will be published soon

This project is part of the national cultural programme "Timișoara – European Capital of Culture in the year 2023" and is funded by the City of Timișoara, through the Center for Projects.

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