My invisible noisy inside | Basca Autumn Theatrical Season

My invisible noisy inside is a contemporary dance performance, a statement of human duality, a personal analysis of everything that is visible and invisible, loud or quiet, prisoner or free in each of us. The show was born as an answer to the question What is the invisible to you, as part of the Festival in: v z b l 2021 edition.

We pour into space some of the characters we contain, which we hide in our daily lives or which we sometimes reveal to special or patient people. Meanwhile, we remain (in)visible.

Performers: Beatrice Tudor și Teodor Cauș
Coreography: Beatrice Tudor
Sound Design: George Allen
Music: Andrei Chifu
Produced by Unfold Motion.

The project is part of the national cultural Programme “Timișoara - European Capital of Culture 2023” and is funded through the Theatre Artistic Excellence programme, carried out by the Cultural and Art Center of Timiș County, with funds allocated from the state budget through the Ministry of Culture.

Part of

The BASCA Theatrical Season

The BASCA Theatrical Season