Opening - Every experience is a journey | Bogdan Lupescu

Opening: 3 October | 18:00 - Free entrance

The multimedia installation ”Every experience is a journey” is a visual representation of pieces of memories of places, of people that find themselves in the stories gathered within the cultural project Moving Fireplaces in Banat. It consists of 4 portraits and 4 scenes inspired by the "Stories 2022" section of the stories collected in 2022, 4 interview fragments. The portraits proposed by the artists are made in two techniques: ink drawing - fine liner, on paper, and digital drawing, on a graphic tablet.

The project invites participants to put themselves into the scenery of small fragments of life, appealing to the feeling of belonging, to those aspects in which each of us can find a bit ourselves, to the experiences with which we can identify, even though they do not belong to us.

The opening will take place on 3 October 2023, h 18:00 and the installation can be visited daily, between 13:00-19:00, until 15 October 2023. 

About the artist: Bogdan Lupescu is a Romanian artist living and working in Bucharest. A graduate of the University of Fine Arts in Bucharest, graphic design section, he dedicated himself to the digital environment, turning his passion into a profession and becoming one of the best CGI artists on the Romanian market, with a career of over 30 years. As he has always had a meticulous nature, he has always been attracted to graphic design, but this has not prevented him from experimenting and perfecting his skills in other classical techniques, video, photography, animation, mixed media, installation.Passionate about technology, his subjects are centered on new technologies, particle research, AI, aerospace technology of the 60s and 70s, subjects that are intersected by elements of urban life and snapshots of nature. His current focus in his art falls on the role of hyper-detailed rendering of visual storytelling.

Organizer: Prin Banat

This event is presented within the framework of Moving Fireplaces Festival 2023.

Partners: Gărâna Jazz Fest, The Community of Romanians in Serbia, The Revolution Memorial Association, Center for Projects Timișoara 

Festivalul Cămine în mișcare 2023 este o componentă a proiectului cultural Cămine în mișcare - Moving Fireplaces - parte din Programul cultural național „Timișoara - Capitala Europeană a Culturii în 2023” (Timișoara 2023), finanțat de Municipiul Timișoara prin Centrul de Proiecte Timișoara. 

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Moving Fireplaces 2023

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