Opening Future Days - Exhibition of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning from Timisoara

The Future Days exhibition marks the first collective exhibition of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Plannning in the faculty's newest exhibition space, the ARChA Centre, the former MV canteen.

For three months, July, September and October, the exhibition will present to the general public, through models, posters and multimedia installations, the most relevant academic results from the year 2023-2024. Several elements from the show will represent Timișoara in the joint exhibition of architecture schools in Romania at the second edition of FAST-Festival for Architecture Schools of Tomorrow, organized by the OAR in partnership with the Faculty of Cluj-Napoca, between October 30 and November 2.

Future Days captures today's school and its projection into tomorrow's architecture. The opening of the exhibition will also mark the closing moment of the 2024 diploma project final disertation.

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Enhance : UPT Campus Creativ

Enhance : UPT Campus Creativ