Opening - My Neighbourhood With My Camera | Cirkuliranje & Fabrika Fotografa

The project My Neighbourhood With My camera proposes the exploration of the landscape of the Romanian and Serbian Banat through an exhibition of documentary photography. The exhibition invites the participants to observe the natural, anthropological, historical and artistic characteristics of the historic region of Banat, in images that immortalize the cultural wealth of the region. It is a collection of witnesses of the multiculturality, the complexity of the cultural landscape of the historical Banat, a photographic archive of the most valuable characteristics of the cultural identity the communities in the region present. 

The images presented within the exhibition are the result of the photography workshops carried out in Romania and Serbia, in the summer of 2023, in Timișoara, Vršac and Kovačica. 

Inspired by the stories from 2022 Moving Fireplaces, Vladislav Petković, representing the Cirkuliranje organization, and Miodrag Popović, representing the photography school Fabrika Fotografa, created five inspiring topics that they wanted to connect those stories with the art of photography:

Following the Road of Naïve Art in Kovačica
Rivers of Banat, a Fisherman Secret
Here I Come, Here I Go
The Pannonian Sea Nowadays
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly… Life Goes On

The opening of the exhibition will take place on 10 September, h 17:00. 

The authors of the photographies: Milica Perić, Teodor Milošević, Marija Krtinić, Anita Kovács, Dragana Vujović Mihić, Krisztina Szabó, Mila Torović, Milica Šaletić, Tanja Dimitrijević, Ana Cvjetković, Andrijan Ružanović, Biljana Minić, Hajrudin Šabotić, Jelena Marin, Jelena Popović, Marija Krtinić, Natalija Marinković, Sofija Ljubišić, Sofija Miščević, Vuk Batanović, Maja Stojanović, Sanja Kapetanović, Milica Simurdić, Vesna Ružić, Zoran Vujanović, Gordana Đorđeski

Organizer: Prin Banat
This event is presented within the framework of Moving Fireplaces Festival 2023.

Partners: Gărâna Jazz Fest, The Community of Romanians in Serbia, The Revolution Memorial Association, Center for Projects Timișoara

Photo credit event cover: Milica Perić

The Moving Fireplaces Festival 2023 is a component of the cultural project Cămine în mișcare - Moving Fireplaces - part of the national cultural programme „Timișoara - European Capital of Culture 2023” (Timișoara 2023), funded by the Municipality of Timișoara through the Center for Projects.

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