Parasite Art | Artist talk with Steve Messam

The prestigious environmental British artist Steve Messam will lecture on his approach towards his artistic enhancement of buildings and landscapes through parasitic structures. The lecture will also highlight his intervention on the Electro building that will be installed during the 2nd of November. 

Steve Messam is an environmental artist based in County Durham, UK and working internationally. His ephemeral site-specific installations re-imagine the everyday, interrupting historical landscapes and vacant architecture to help us perceive the familiar environment in a new way.

Messam’s works seek to explore and uncover the layers of narrative within the rural environment, frequently drawing on existing uses of the land and reflecting an understanding of the geological, cultural and agricultural practices already being used to shape the landscape. From working with farmers to re-imagining vernacular architecture, his ephemeral, site-specific art installations uncover hidden stories and help a deeper understanding of place.

Working on a scale that is typically ‘bigger than a house’, his works explore the color and scale of place.

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