PARTIZAN Cocnert | LA PAS Festival

New times, old flames <3! The band Partizan will take the stage at the LA PAS Festival - Artisanal Gastronomy Festival 2023.

#Partizan doesn't need much introduction - they certainly have plenty :) to present themselves because their hits have left a mark in the history of Romanian rock music.

Partizan consists of Artan & Suedezu, namely Adrian Pleșca (vocals) and Răzvan Moldovan (vocals and guitar), along with Adrian Agheniței (bass) and Andrei Bărbulescu (drums).

It's a 100% Romanian product. Partizan is a rock music band founded in 2001.

The band's discography includes three studio albums: "Am cu ce" (2002), "București" (2003), and "Timpuri Noi" (2019).

Partizan avoids satire or criticism of ordinary people. They bring situations from the real dimension and transform them into a science-fictional one. They create a parallel universe where we all can relate.

You will see or revisit them on October 13-15, 2023, as part of the #LAPAS Festival, at the "Corneliu Miklosi" Public Transport Museum in Timisoara.

The event is part of the LA PAS / Slowing Down Program, developed by CRIES for Timișoara - European Capital of Culture, and funded by the Timișoara City Hall through the Project Center.

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