Pelican boat guided tour

The guided tour has proven to be an important element in Timișoara's contemporary culture, and within the Ecluze pe Bega events, the guided tour represents a moment through which our team's knowledge and more are transmitted. The stories of material and immaterial heritage must be conveyed further, in conventional or unconventional forms, to all those who wish to navigate alongside us. The story of Timișoara heard from the deck of the Pelican is guided by words in the quietness of the watercourse and the monotonous noise of the boat's engine.

Our guide is Dan Codre (Timisoara City Tours), and the tour will last approximately 2 hours. We will navigate along the route from Water Plant - Iosefin - D arc pe Mal. We set sail on Saturday, at 3:00 PM, so please be at the boarding pontoon at the Water Plant by 2:45 PM at the latest.
  • There are 50 spots available for this event - as long as registrations are still open, there are still available spots.
  • The registration form will close once the limit is reached.
  • Registration is for one person only.
  • Your spot is automatically confirmed - we will send a reminder email on May 23 to those registered.
  • For people with reduced mobility, boarding will take place at the D'arc pontoon on the Shore (at the foot of the Mihai Viteazu bridge, behind the Cathedral) - boarding will be at 2:00 PM - please contact us in advance by email at [email protected] or by phone at +40754922909 (Arch. Alexandrina Ciortuz) to arrange all the details.
Participation in the tour is free, but registration is mandatory. The activity is organized within the Ecluze pe Bega / Timișoara - Cultural Port project, which is part of the National Cultural Program "Timișoara - European Capital of Culture in 2023" and is funded by the Legacy Timișoara 2023 program, implemented by the Timișoara Projects Center with funds allocated from the state budget through the Ministry of Culture.

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