Planet Dance - Unfold Motion, Timișoara

A performance about dance that needs to be lived and not analysed. Often, the audience finds itself in a position to ” face” the contemporary dance performances, without having any necessary informational references to give them the freedom to personally interpret the message of the show. In some situations, after watching a dance performance, some spectators may leave confused, showing a reluctance to return to a future show.

Thus, the underlying concept Planet Dance is centered around the question: ”What’s the deal with contemporary dance?”. Gradually, the show is revealed to the audience by following a short history of contemporary dance and by questioning the role of the dancer, from performer to creator. In addition to choreography, the show also develops a theoretical dimension, a guide for the uninformed contemporary dance spectators, intending to offer them a foray into the creative space of the performer. And last but not least, Planet Dance aims to narrow the informational and perceptual vacuum between ballet, contemporary dance and people.

Artistic team:
Concept and choreography: Lavinia Urcan
Cast: Oana Antonovici, Beatrice Tudor, Carolina Țapoc
Music: Ovidiu Zimcea
Text: Iulian Tănase ( Abisa ), Lavinia Urcan

This project is part of the national cultural programme "Timișoara – European Capital of Culture in the year 2023" and is funded by the City of Timișoara, through the Center for Projects.

Part of

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