Preparate LA PAS, servite la Taifas

On Saturday and Sunday, October 14th and 15th, we warmly invite you to the TAIFAS stand, to prepare delicious vegetable stew and plum jam together. Behind the cauldrons and under the spotlight will be Mr. Cornel Baroi, a man who’s deeply rooted in the land of the Momârlans (Uricani, Hunedoara county). He is not only a dedicated teacher, but also extremely passionate about local gastronomy, carrying on traditions through stories and authentic dishes.

Those of you who are curious to discover the secrets of making zacuscă and the authentic magiun are welcome to join us for the preparation of eggplants and peppers, the boiling of the plums and, of course, many, many stories and tips.

Important note: some of the jars will remain open, ready for immediate tasting, while others will be kept so to be enjoyed during the Taifas Festival, between the 6th and the 12th of November . The saying goes: it's cooked at LA PAS, it's served at Taifas!

…… with the ingredients:

Zacusca according to the recipe from Țara Momârlanilor

eggplant, pepper or kapia, onion, oil, tomato broth, salt, pepper, garlic.

Magiun (lictar / liptar / silvoizi / solvăiși)

very well-ripened plums.

The culinary event is made with the support of the Artisan Gastronomy Festival LA PAS and is part of the Taifas - the Balkan Film and Culture Festival, which will take place between November 5-12, in Timișoara.

More details about the festival, here:

The project is part of the National Cultural Program 'Timișoara - European Capital of Culture in 2023' and is funded through the European Echoes program, implemented by the Centre of Projects of Timișoara Municipality, with allocations from the state budget, through the budget of the Ministry of Culture.

Part of

TAIFAS I Balkan Film and Culture Festival

TAIFAS I Balkan Film and Culture Festival