Rain in Timișoara (lead and light)

“Ploaie la Timișoara / Rain in Timișoara” represents sculptor Liviu Mocan’s contribution to the cultural and artistic ongoing dialogue of the local community during the year when Timișoara is the Cultural Capital of Europe.

In a unique approach, Liviu Mocan invites us to enter this dialogue with our whole being, thus the visitors of the monumental exhibition can step inside the sculpture called “Ploaie la Timișoara / Rain in Timișoara” in order to hear the voice of the past - the Revolution of December 1989 - and that of the present - cultural year of 2023 - both voices outpouring like rain, with the mention that the raindrops from the Revolution carry the traces of lead bullets through them, being shot, whereas today’s raindrops let the light go through them. 

This dialogue in space and time is primarily a visual one, intimate and spiritual at the same time, for the sacrifice of those who died for freedom, truth and faith during the Revolution obliges us to walk in the Light and embody the official motto of Timișoara: shine your light!

In his own words, Liviu Mocan confesses that “Ploaie la Timișoara / Rain in Timișoara” was born as an idea and a profound emotion during those days in December 1989, when people were being shot in Timișoara.  The sketches kept in his journal testify to it, and in 2023 at the invitation of the Association Imago Dei to exhibit his works in Timișoara, Liviu Mocan knew he had to fashion the sculpture, with the help of Mr. Daniel Corlan who financed it and fashioned it. 

Alongside the sculptures “The Circle, The Square and the Ladder,” “The Second Adam or The Scarlet Worm,” “The Light,” and “The Mountain and His Heart”, “Ploaie la Timișoara / Rain in Timișoara” is the embodiment of Liviu Mocan’s creative act dedicated to the martyr/cultural capital city of Timișoara, with the hope that we who live here will accept it as a reminder and adopt it permanently as a beacon that calls us to live in the light of truth, love, freedom and self-sacrifice towards the others. 

Liviu Mocan (born 1955 in the village of Cara, Cluj county), is one of the most important contemporary Romanian sculptors.  His works are on display in public spaces throughout Europe, USA, Africa and Australia, as well as in private collections, both indoor and outdoor.   

Through his sculptures, Liviu Mocan articulates various themes pertaining to Christian spirituality, inherited from his family of origin, from church, and in dialogue with theologians and other mature artists, thus shaping the essence of his artworks.  

Referring to himself, he says: “I do not make sculptures, but perform spiritual exercises. […] Sculpting - as a spiritual exercise - helps me slowly discern the different facets of the great truths and realities, and to embrace them not only with my knowledge, but with my whole being.”   

His artistic belief is this: “I seek to polish mirrors for Heaven."

Year 2023 brings with it the national recognition of Liviu Mocan’s remarkable artistic work. The National Union of Visual Artists granted him the Board of Directors’ Award.  The Romanian Cultural Institute bestowed upon Liviu Mocan the prestigious “Brâncuși” National Award for the utmost value of his artistic contribution to the national and universal cultural heritage.

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