Red suitcase theatre and graphic design workshop for children

For the first time since the inauguration of HEI - House of European Institutes, Timisoara's new multicultural centre located in Bastion 1, will host a series of activities for children on 10 August.

The little ones, accompanied by their parents, will attend at Bastion 1 improvisation shows, gags, practical jokes, juggling, balloon creations, acrobatics and object theatre and a graphic design workshop according to the following programme:

11:00 - "Rufi Rafi Show" solo performance by a clown
12:30 - "Dreaming Garden" graphic workshop
16:00 - "Family stories" improvisation performance

In the context of the European Cultural Capital 2023, the Red Suitcase Theatre from Poland arrives in Timișoara for the first time and presents on August 10th two improvisation shows dedicated to children!

Registration for participation at: [email protected] and [email protected]

The first show includes a variety of techniques: gags, situational jokes, juggling, balloon creations, etc.

"Rufi Rafi Show" / 11:00 / Duration:  45 minutes.
Solo performance: clown RR.

Interactive show for children and adults, dedicated to the whole family, from 2 to 102 years old.

The encounters with the clown are full of improvisation and moments of interaction with the audience. He draws the audience into his activities, creating with them a fun, bubble-like ephemeral reality.

The show is tailored to groups, depending on the specifics, age of participants and type of event.

The second show is a family show with elements of object theatre, acrobatics, slapstick, improvisation and live music.

"Family Stories" / 16:00/ Duration: 60 minutes.

Family is power, family is nightmare. Under the same roof we must live! But how? A story about daily paradoxes, about interpersonal joys and sorrows.

We invite people aged 3-100 to witness different domestic stories that turn into performances full of gags and unexpected twists.

Graphic design workshop for children
12:30 pm/ duration: 120 minutes.

Children will learn age-appropriate elements of graphics and be encouraged to work in a creative way.

The workshop will be given by Kamila Pawłucka, who specialises in illustrations for children's books.

Kamila Pawłucka-Górecka was born in Sanok. She graduated from the State High School of Fine Arts "Tadeusz Brzozowski" in Krosno and the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University "Nicolaus Copernicus" in Toruń. She has presented her works at group and individual exhibitions. As an art teacher, he has the opportunity to observe children's work and get direct input from the young ones, which, according to them, makes illustration more interesting. In his work, he is guided by the words "From detail to general", as the accumulation of detail in illustration prompts reflection.

The project is part of the National Cultural Programme "Timisoara - European Capital of Culture in 2023" and is funded by the European Echoes programme, run by the Timisoara City Council Project Centre, with funds allocated from the state budget, through the Ministry of Culture budget. It is organized in partnership with the Municipality of Timișoara through the Project Centre.

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HEI - House of European Institutes

HEI - House of European Institutes