“I had a boyfriend. Then I got dumped. I got dumped, I bought a thong and I need lots of validation.”

Panos Malactos works with Elias Adam and researches the concept of radical stage vulnerability.

SADBOI likes his suffering raw. He is gay, horny, heartbroken and extremely peaceful. He instagrams, therefore he exists. SADBOI is an auto-fictional portrait of a sadboi dancer. The show attempts an ambiguous and complex narration, which explores sex, love and sadness in the fully technological and sexualised post - modern age. SADBOI aims to create an immersive experience where intense physicality intersects with the virtual space of the internet (social media, memes, dating apps). If love songs are dumb, wait till you hear this one. How many fire emojis will this get? The admins of this show are searching for validation.

Panos Malactos - TooFarEast (CY) 
Choreographer/performer: Panos Malactos


Performed in English, with Hungarian and Romanian surtitles

SADBOI is part of Fluid Views, the festival section co-curated with the identity. Education NGO from Timișoara.

This project is part of the national cultural programme "Timișoara – European Capital of Culture in the year 2023" and is funded by the City of Timișoara, through the Center for Projects.

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