Simina Oprescu, Cosmin Nicolae & Matei Băcanu - Map x Territory Live performance | SIMULTAN Festival 2023

Hyper-connected communities, Large Language Models, quantum computer clusters and socio-cultural progress share their time and space with ghosts of the past, geopolitical spasms and expressions of conflict. At a time when we seek new definitions, what constitutes a territory? What does a map show/ explain? What are we and what are the boundaries of who we want to be?

Romanian-born, Berlin-based Cosmin Nicolae, Simina Oprescu and Matei Băcanu ask questions of a diasporic tone, in a sonorous and visually resonant quest to chart out concerns and stimulate introspection. The audio-visual performance weaves original compositions with generative iterations and live electro-acoustics - perpetually unique, never to be repeated.

Simina Oprescu works and research with sound. Simina's praxis focuses on a multitude of forms, from detail-oriented maximalist stereo compositions to immersive multi-channel sonic minimalism that alters the acoustic space. In her work, Simina follows an investigative path of structures and phenomena, which determines a rhythm or follows a pattern. She creates powerful yet sensitive narratives around actively explored conceptual systems inspired by spatial arts, psychoacoustic, and theoretical or physical sculptural installations that involve a philosophy of participation, movement, and gesture.

Cosmin Nicolae is an anti-disciplinary artist working with image, sound, text to produce works of intimate reflection at the intersection of autoethnography, psychogeography and possible futures. Composes for film, dance, theater, installations. Projects with Teatro Antico di Siracusa, Staatsballet Berlin, Gap x Balenciaga.

Matei Băcanu is a 3d artist with experience in image-making, motion design, and building procedural setups. While his primary emphasis lies in new media art and non-narrative animation, his studies in architecture have sparked a lasting intrigue, with spatial relationships and the built environment; themes Matei frequently explores in his artistic practice.

The project is part of the national cultural program “Timișoara – European Capital of Culture in 2023” and is financed and organized in partnership with the Municipality of Timișoara through the Center for Projects.

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SIMULTAN Festival 2023

SIMULTAN Festival 2023