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Born in 1990 in Râmnicu-Vâlcea, Bogdan started studying cobza at the age of 15. Since 2006, he has travelled around Romania, collecting lute songs and learning from the few remaining cobzari.

He collaborated with artists from various musical areas, such as Mihai Mărgineanu, Taraf de Haidouks, Les Elephants Bizarres, Chimie, Samurai and others. Since 2017 he performed numerous concerts of lute music with the Lăutarii de Mătase Taraf. He worked on the soundtrack of the documentaries "Flavours of Romania" and "Wild Carpathia" by British journalist Charlie Ottley.

On 1 May 2021, he released the album "Walahia in Demol", and on 1 May 2023 he released the album "Drum pavat cu bolovani" which holds a significant sales record (1000 copies sold out in 9 hours). Both albums were produced by Adrian Despot.

Bogdan's music has three general directions: a vein of Romanian peasant music, one of urban lute music and one of generic Romanian pop music (waltzes, tangos and cabaret songs from the early 20th century to after the Second World War.)

The cobzar sound is enhanced by Nelu Răducanu (cimbalom), Mandi Pană (violin), Cornel Neacșu (accordion), Robert Adam-Szoltan (double bass) and Cristi Adam (violin-arm).

The musical experience will be completed by the young people of the Crescut pe Muzică taraf: Florinel Caraivan (18 years old, accordion), Stefan Milutinovici (22 years old, wind instruments) and Ionuț Pîntiuc (18 years old, trumpet).

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