Slowing Down in the courtyard of Electro

A day where the students of Politehnica University, as well as the residents of Elisabetin neighborhood, are invited to spend quality time together through experiences and dialogues around current topics such as healthy food, waste reduction, selective waste collection, environmental care, sustainable events or cultural exchanges.

The event is in its second edition and is developed as a joint initiative of the Center for Ethical and Solidarity Initiatives (CRIES) through the LA PAS program, the Diogene Cultural Association through the CiviCultura Program and the University Library of Politehnica University.

The program will include a variety of activities such as: cooking workshops, debates on food-related topics, tastings of products from small producers and the Fair Trade network and thematic book presentations.

The event is organized within the LA PAS / Slowing down program, part of the Timișoara - European Capital of Culture 2023 program. Funded by Timișoara City through the Center for Projects.

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Slowing down

Slowing down