Spotlight Heritage Timișoara – street exhibition

The street exhibition Spotlight Heritage Timișoara leads the public through a journey to stimulate the senses, where they have the joy of exploring urban spaces and key points of the city development. Through the culturally mediated tour, participants will discover the history, heritage and stories of the Bega River. Every story of the people is a story of the city. A city is not just buildings and sights, facades and stained-glass windows or a good photo spot. A city means the stories of each of us, it means childhoods, emotions, loves and bonds built in bricks and in the pages of our lives.

In the framework of Spotlight Heritage Timișoara, everyone can add personal stories to Your Story.

This project is part of the national cultural programme "Timișoara – European Capital of Culture in the year 2023" and is funded by the City of Timișoara, through the Center for Projects.

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Spotlight Heritage Timișoara 2023

Spotlight Heritage Timișoara 2023