Stéphane Marin - tres fronteras

"Listening and recording these frontiers, sometimes at the threshold of the listening itself, has been the project which justified my departure towards the triple Amazon frontier « Las Tres Fronteras » : Columbia, Peru, Brazil. And this, through explorations of the Columbian jungle, living arms of the Amazon, and a Peruvian lake, but also, in a second phase, at the frontiers, and in the centre of Medellìn, this other Andean jungle… The trip will end in the North of the country, on the Caribbean coast, touching on the quieter limits of it, running alongside the Atlantic. This work is born from exchanges with Miguel Isaza, curator of the « La Semana De La Escucha », a festival dedicated to the listening in every shape and form happening in Medellìn during the month of July. It is on that occasion that Miguel invited me to think about a project focused on liminality. A theme which made me quickly consider this stay in the Columbian Amazon, starting from Leticia, border town of Tatabinga in Brazil, next to Santa Rosa, Peruvian island, in the midst of the turbulent swells of the Amazon, which defies on its own the very idea of frontier… This project aimed to make porous the limits between audible and inaudible ; the within and outside ; the interior and external ; the humane and non-human ; the domestic and the wild ; the jungle and the town, and of course, as usual, the noise, the sound and music. Finally, there is still the need to evoke this environmental urgency tangible at the heart of the Mother of all forests, eroded and eaten away by certain profits, or put afire due to other opportunisms. A Capitalocen, thus, that I wanted to make audible here through worried phonic intersections riddled with palpable tensions. There’s an urgency in listening to the symptoms of a dying world. This Silencing process happens paradoxically with a lot of noise*…*and I don’t forget here to testify of the one caused by - far too - many planes that I had to take myself to realize this work…recurrent absurdity of our own practices… SCANDIT FATALIS MACHINA MUROS…" - Stéphane Marin

released January 31, 2022

Locations : Piranha Lake (Tres Fronteras - Peru), Tacana river, Caimo Jungle & Leticia (Tres Fronteras - Amazonas - Colombia), Santa Elena & Medellín (Antioquia - Colombia), Tairona National Park & Minca (Caribe - Colombia)

Recording - composition - mix : Stéphane Marin

Mastering : Flavien Gillié & Stéphane Marin

Recorded in Columbia & Peru in July 2019

Cover & card design + treatments by Daniel Crokaert

Based exclusively on photos by Stéphane Marin and Santiago Celtina Rios

A project developed by, and is part of the National Cultural Program "Timișoara - European Capital of Culture in 2023" funded by Timișoara's Municipality through the Projects Center and the Center for Culture and Art of Timiș County fom public funds allocated by the Ministry of Culture.

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