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Workshop with the students & alumni of FAD Timisoara - Raluca Anghel, Roxana Bloju, Ștefania Crișan, Uliana Gujuman, Diana Roșca, Dan Roșca, Stanciu Amanda

Coordinators: Mălina Ionescu, Andreea Medar, FAD coordinator: Daniela Constantin

The themes of the open workshops and exhibition are relocation, performance and all of the multiple valences which make, simultaneously or successively, the reality of an often transitory home; at the same time the projects focus on themes such as collaborative art practices, the decomposition / re-composition of images by the means of video / photo collages and overlapping - maps, texts, drawing, and experimenting with both traditional and digital processes of image making.

Artists: Andreea Medar și Mălina Ionescu 

Registration: [email protected] / phone: 004 0721378679

Project realised with the support of a grant for artistic creation ''Energy!'' awarded by the Municipality of Timișoara, through the Project Centre, within the National Cultural Programme "Timișoara - European Capital of Culture in 2023".

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