Tabără urbană pentru copiii de la Centrul de zi ”Sf. Nicolae” din Timișoara

We are taking "Poveștile Timișoarei" to the Children's Day Center - "St. Nicolae" through an urban mini-camp full of creative and educational activities, aimed at stimulating curiosity and enriching the children's experience.

In this urban mini-camp, children will have the opportunity to explore the city through a series of games, treasure hunts and interdisciplinary workshops. We will use the urban environment as an extended learning space, where each place can become a point of historical, cultural or artistic interest.

For one week, the children from the center will learn to create their own computer games, combining technology with creativity, they will also take a virtual trip through Timișoara, discovering the history and secrets of the city through virtual reality, they will participate in drawing workshops, read stories with the volunteers and they will try to write a story about Timișoara themselves. There will also be free play time to ensure a perfect balance between learning and fun.

Through the proposed activities, we will contribute to the development of digital skills, by familiarizing children with technology in a playful and educational way. At the same time, through drawing and creative writing, we stimulate children's creativity and imagination, learn about Timișoara and better connect with the city's history. Through group activities, we promote collaboration, teamwork and social development. We aim to bring joy to children's hearts, turning the holiday into an adventure full of creativity and discovery.

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Stories of Timișoara

Stories of Timișoara