Terrestrial – The Beginning of a Journey | Andreea Săsăran

Terrestrial – The Beginning of a Journey presents in a fairytale-fantastical way the possibility of a verbal dialogue between different non-human species in the natural environment close to the human refugee in nature. It is an essay-film, which conceptualizes a set of realities of some young people who chose to move from the city to the village, audio documented and visually edited with the cast of actors from the mineral, animal and plant world. It is the beginning of a journey that seeks to combine several types of documentation – research, interview, video and sound. The interviews and footage from the film were captured from the Apuseni mountains, the hills of Transylvania, at the foot of the Țarcu mountains and in the Baiului mountains.

Direction, camera, interviews: Andreea Săsăran

Video post-production, sound mastering: Electronic Resistance

Soundtrack, sound design: Mihai Vasiu

Translation: Cristian-Dan Vicol

The premiere of the documentary Terrestrial – The Beginning of a Journey will take place on 25 October 2023, h 18:30, at Cinema Victoria in Timișoara. The screening will be followed by a Q&A session in the presence of the team members.

The film is subtitled in English.

Free entrance.

Project selected through the Moving Fireplaces 2023 Call for projects and artistic interventions, proposed by Andreea Săsăran.

Andreea Săsăran intersects multimedia creation with cultural management. As a visual artist, she communicates and documents through photography and film, her journeys are accompanied by curiosity and the camera. She manages, curates and develops cultural projects within multiple teams, where visual and performing artists can research, create, educate or exhibit in public spaces, natural landscapes or conventional cultural infrastructures.

Organizer: Prin Banat

Partners: Jazz Banat Cultural Foundation, The Community of Romanians in Serbia, The Revolution Memorial Association

This event is presented within the framework of Moving Fireplaces Festival 2023. Organised in partnership with the Municipality of Timișoara through the Center for Projects. 

The Moving Fireplaces Festival 2023 is a component of the cultural project Cămine în mișcare - Moving Fireplaces - part of the National cultural programme „Timișoara - European Capital of Culture 2023” (Timișoara 2023), funded by the Municipality of Timișoara through the Center for Projects.

Organised in partnership with the Municipality of Timișoara through the Project Centre.

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