The titular duck of the Great Duck Show, Noya's childhood duckling on which she learned to defecate.

Emptying is important!

Without emptying, we fill up to the point of bloating, poisoning us.

- My mom told me that if I play bride, I'll never be a real bride. But I like to play so much -

Singing the songs and playing the games of the Galgamácsa children's wedding, I recall my

childhood, when I thought falling in love and getting married was as easy as digging a duck

pond in the back garden of a frog farm.

"And how do I feel about commitment NOW? Why do I long for it? Why do I dread it?

How do I -well- love?

How do I love forever?


- Well, if no one wants to marry me, I'll arrange to be married -


they are coming!

Szántusz Noémi Noya (HU)
Created by Szántusz Noémi Noya


Performed in Hungarian, with Romanian and English surtitles

Part of



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