The Lighthouse: The Beacon of Creativity at The Night-Art Festival 

The Lighthouse is not just a location, but the beating heart of the festival. Here, light and culture intertwine in a fascinating dance:

  • We await you with up-to-date information about artists, installations, and the festival program.
  • We've also prepared and invite you to participate in workshops, photography courses, and interactions with the creators behind the light installations.
  • The café area of The Lighthouse will host captivating discussions and live performances, creating a space for connection among enthusiasts.
  • Discover, learn, and connect at The Lighthouse!

The Lighthouse is the home of The Night-Art Festival, the place where everything starts and ties together. This is where you come if you want to find out more about us, the artists, the guests, the installations, and events, and also if you want to meet us, the people making this festival possible.

And because a home looks good full of life, people, and light, we've chosen a central, accessible building, easily reachable, where we organize various activities, each bringing a unique perspective on light and encouraging interaction, education, and creativity.

We want this space to come to life, to become the cultural and educational heart of the Lights On community.

We've designed it as an innovative learning center, where both young and adults can explore the fascinating world of light through guided tours, educational interventions, interactive exhibitions, and photography courses. Furthermore, as an immersive gallery, where lights dance and tell unique stories, as light art installations and captivating projections will transform the space into a labyrinth of light and vibrant images. Additionally, its café area will host debates and live performances focused on light, forming a vibrant community of light enthusiasts.

The Lighthouse is, undoubtedly, a sanctuary of light and creativity, where you are invited to discover, learn, and connect with others through the activities offered in this inspirational space.

FLORA is part of the collective memory of the people of Timișoara, and Lights On activates it for the first time, offering, once again, a space for expression, innovation, and creativity. We invite you to walk together through the pages of history, relive the spirit of artistic revolt, and be inspired by the new generation of creators and artists. In the light of the new era, FLORA shines brighter than ever.

This project is part of the national cultural program "Timișoara - European Capital of Culture" in 2023 and is funded through the LightFest + program, carried out by the Timis County Center for Culture and Art, with funds allocated from the state budget, through the budget of the Ministry of Culture.

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The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse