The Migrations forged in time | Ivana Svetlik

”The Migrations forged in time” invites the participants to reflect upon the cultural landscape of the Serbian Banat, starting from the idea of the railway station as a symbol of migration. The painting that the artist Svet Likova (Ivana Svetlik) created for the Moving Fireplaces Festival is constructed on three layers, each of them addressing a different dimension of the phenomena of migration: the legacy, the cultural diversity, and the road into the unknown. The inspiration for the painting lies within the story collection ”Little life stories” gathered by Christine Cizmaș in 2022, within the framework of the project Moving Fireplaces. 

The images that are created by the artist are a way to communicate with the world, through which she carries the observers on a journey in which everything is ”her way”. Using the character „Frajla”, SvetLikova tells the story of the locality Kovačica, the way she sees it and lives it herself. 

The painting will be presented together with 14 other paintings from the artist’s personal collection on 10 September 2023, h 16:30, and the exhibition can be visited daily, between 13:00-19:00, until 30 September. 

About the author: Ivana Svetlik was born in 1986 in Novi Sad. She graduated with a master’s degree in tourism in the Novi Sad Faculty of Arts and is a naive painter at heart. She participated in numerous collective exhibitions in the country and abroad, while having had two personal exhibitions. She won a golden platter at the 14th Saloon of Art in Banat. At the same time, she is the organizer of the art colony for children in Kovačica.

Recently, she worked at a series of paintings named ”The old crafts of Serbia”, though which she learns and presents the history, the life and work culture in Serbia, while remaining faithful to the naivety of Kovačica by representing the traditional slovak clothing of the main character ”Frajla”. 

The pseudonym SvetLikova is derived from the last name, Svetlik. În the Slovak language, it is used to add the suffix -ova to the family name for the names of the feminine persons, and so, Ivana is named Svetlíková. When you play with the letters in Serbian, you can obtain a world of characters, with which Ivana carries you in journeys and places you have not visited before. She lives and works in Kovačica.

Organizer: Prin Banat
This event is presented within the framework of Moving Fireplaces Festival 2023.

Partners: Gărâna Jazz Fest, The Community of Romanians in Serbia, The Revolution Memorial Association, Center for Projects Timișoara 

The Moving Fireplaces Festival 2023 is a component of the cultural project Cămine în mișcare - Moving Fireplaces - part of the National cultural programme „Timișoara - European Capital of Culture 2023” (Timișoara 2023), funded by the Municipality of Timișoara through the Center for Projects. 

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