Water, A Key Element In The Universe - Workshop For Children

The activity is dedicated to primary school children. They will discover the mysteries of water through experiments, guided discussions and hands-on activities.

The workshop will be guided by Ştiinţescu's mentor, Bianca Boroș.

The activity is organized within the project "STEAM Times inEDU" financed by the Timișoara Științescu program.

The "STEAM Times inEDU" project creates inclusive and collaborative educational contexts that contribute to the familiarization, accessibility and development of STEAM fields among children, young people and teaching staff in Timiș County.


The Ştiinţescu Timișoara program is implemented by the @Fundația Comunitară Timişoara, financed locally by @Hamilton Central Europe and the Bosch Romania Foundation, at the national level by the Romanian-American Foundation and is supported by the Federation of Community Foundations in Romania - FFCR.

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