Zambara Kabarett talks about what happened, what is still happening and will continue to happen, here and there, at the margin, in places, buildings and neighborhoods or different Zambara corners..
The performance talks about a changing city and its people who are facing change. with a big C. Or the ones who were affected, confused, bombarded, scared, infected by change. many and numerous changes. Suffocated or just sickened. A big S, a small S. For different reasons.
Maybe it was all too sudden, too forceful? Too aggressive, otherwise it wouldn’t have been possible?

Zambara Kabarett is a declaration about a city. A real city. One that stares at itself in the mirror, wondering about what is there. A living city.

Basca Theatre (RO)
Directed by: Ana-Maria Ursu

Performed in Romanian, with Hungarian and English surtitles

ZAMBARA KABARETT is part of [email protected], the festival section dedicated to independent theatres from Timișoara

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